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Adnan Fatayerji

Honored to be part of a team that has the potential to make the world a better place..

Kristine Vilnite

A loving, kind, explorer building a sustainable foundation for the future.

Kristof de Spiegeleer

Nerd engineer, humanist & motivated entrepreneur.

Sacha Obeegadoo

Organisational and Ecosystem Strategy

Weynand Kuijpers

An international entrepreneur and part of a diverse team of innovators.

Bert Van Decraen

I strongly believe that we can find a better alternative to most of the challenges in our path.

Isabelle Peeters

Isabelle is a fun-loving person, besides being an evangelist of the ThreeFold Movement.

Owen Kemp

I am an optimist and love doing things differently than the norm.

Sam Taggart

Let's co-create a better future for humanity and for our planet.

Alan Laubsch

Believes in a healthy living, individually and collectively.

Claus Rosenberg Gotthard

Danish, born entrepreneur with over 30 years of venture building experience.

Florian Fournier

The vision is always the same - to enact individual actions that address global challenges.

Franz Josef Allmayer

Dedicated to the fields of innovation and global development.

Jennifer Long

Beautiful women, the mother of men, our mission here is to protect the land, nurture the earth.

Jeroen Douglas

My dream is to support practices that create well-being with the poorest farmers and workers on our globe.

Koen Timmers

Belgian researcher, lecturer, and author.

Lauren Moore Nignon

For Lauren, there’s nothing more important than humans making good decisions together.

Lorrana Scarpioni

“People may not have money but they always have time” says Lorrana.

Mamadou Kwidjim Toure

Founder and CEO of Ubuntu Group focused on Advisory and Investment activities across industries.

Marcelo Bohrer

A creative thinker, focused on design and innovation, passionate about bringing transformative ideas to life.

Mariza Wellesley-Wesley

I always strived to combine my professional work with a tangible, positive societal impact.

Markus Lehto

Utopian | Co-Founder @ Joint Idea, Life Works Labs, Love Mafia, Urbanista Labs

Michael Healy

Michael is focused on creating meaningful jobs and solving inequity.

Michael Wellesley-Wesley

Michael is a seasoned veteran with over 30 years of experience working in both the US and UK.

Monique Morrow

Monique is a former CTO at Cisco who has worked tirelessly to align technologies to society's needs.

Yanling Duan

Yanling Duan is recognized as one of the most impactful innovation evangelists and design media personalities in China.

Akram Alfawakheeri

Technologist who continuously applies his skills toward the betterment of our society.

Arie Ben David

Social and Business Entrepreneur that initiated and managed various international business enterprises.

Boris Fahrnberger

Boris has worked in nearly all main sectors, including IT, finance, media and politics.

Brian J. Cardiff

Brian has a passion for creating solutions that go beyond the screen.

Dave De Belder

Michelin star chef, conscious about food and how it ties in with spirituality and healing.

Dimitrios Dermentzioglou

Founder of The Music Medicine, a project committed to cultivating Global Joy & Harmony.

Hans Koning

I love to “simply” engage with entrepreneurs, startups, blockchain and crypto companies.

Juan Wajnerman

Shines the brightest when he has the chance to work on problems with no immediate solution.

Michel Coucke

Strategic Advisory Board Member and HR Guardian at ThreeFold

Mickey Malul

A motivated pationate, entrepreneur, background in sports.

Nikolaus Heger

Wizard of Integrity @ SEEDS, Hypha Ltd

Rieki Cordon

Decentralizing Abundance | Facilitator @ SEEDS & Hypha | Word-Smithing a More Beautiful & Regenerative Civilization

Rishi Chidananda

Monk, studying the philosophical traditions of India, gaining deep insights into its hidden meaning.

Roel Wofert

Building people powered businesses that last!

Rutger Krijnen

Rutger is a 20 years experienced Program Manager with a demonstrated successful history in the IT and Telecommunications industry.

Rudy Bouwman

Starting as a computer engineer, Rudy developed his career in different management positions and for the last 20 years.

Samer Obeidat

Mr. Obeidat is a global serial entrepreneur, researcher, and an impactful investor.

Sergey Ivliev

Founding Partner at Vlinder

Sophie Monpeyssen

Co-Founder & CEO - Le Ciel Foundation

Vasily Gnuchev

Founder at Artheon VR Museum born in 1980 in a family with a long history in art and science.

Brooks Cole

The Father of the “ResonantBrand” method a career brand communications expert.

Charles Blass

Passionate about communication – in all forms, at all levels.